It's been many years now, since I moved. And still I feel like I'm living with one foot on each side of the Atlantic. I don't think that's ever going away. I've come to accept and even like that restless feeling of only half belonging where I am and half thinking I should be somewhere entirely different. Over time I've realized that it's not one or the other. It's an entirely new place, that's both. 

I call that place "Scandimerica". That's where I feel at home. It's also how I want my home to feel. You see, a Scandimerican home brings the best of two worlds. The lightness, simplicity and livability of Scandinavian styles pair up with that signature American elegance and abundant flair. Personal meets Social. Timeless meets Nowness. Practical meets Decorated. It's a delicate balance but when it works, it's the perfect backdrop for life. 

This site is about that Scandimerican Life.
I hope you enjoy!


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