Is it Friday yet?

Sigh. It's a short week here in the US, with Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday. And still...why does it feel like it should be Saturday already? I couldn't help it but start to think about Friday Drinks. I don't know if I have told you but Friday Drinks is something we do at my house. On Friday evening we make a cocktail of some sort to celebrate the survival of another week and the beginning of yet another weekend that's still full of promises and potential. Sometimes we have friends over, sometimes not.  On a good week I have done some research and found a new recipe to try and if that hasn't happened we resort to old classics like Whisky sour, Canadian Rye or Pimm's Cup.

Through the holiday season there is really only one thing to drink in a Scandinavian household - Glögg. If you don't know what Glögg is I guess you can think of it as Mulled Wine. But better and stronger. Next season I'll share our home made recipe with you, but for now I'm really ready to move on to something else. 

I am a big fan of Whisky and Whisky drinks and one of my coworkers shared one of his favorite recipes with me the other day that I'm really curious to try. If I can find all the items I need that is. I'll have to make a run today for it. 

Obviously the recipe of the drink makes a big difference. But just as for wine, the glass makes up a big part of the experience as well. I am always on the lookout for those perfect glasses to enhance our Friday drinks but believe it or not it's hard to find something that stands out. I recently found these glasses from Hay that I haven't been able to forget. Very classy and elegant with a modern twist. The series is called Colour. I know these are wine glasses but don't you think they would work great with a golden whisky cocktail too?

The series also has other more colorful pieces (hence the name Colour) that would be great for water or milk. 

What do you think? They definitely stand out, right?