Waiting for paint to dry


It has been too cold to finish painting my dining table for a few days so it's not until tonight that I have been able to put on the second coat of black. While I was painting I kept thinking of how great this vase would look on it once it's dry and inside again: 

Images by Stelton

The series is called Stockholm and it's designed by Bernadotte & Kylberg for Stelton. Here's what they say about their design:

 â€œWe tried to channel the bold character of the surrounding sea into our design. By working with Indian ink on wet watercolour paper we managed to bring out both the serenity and the dramatic expression of the sea. Combining the eloquent graphics with the soft organic shapes of the vases and bowls we aspired to design centerpieces with a timeless quality, a collection of artworks that evokes emotions and enriches life.”

I absolutely think this will be a classic. What do you think?