House dreaming in winter

You guys, if there's anyone out there who frequently check in to my little corner here I have two things to say. Thank you, and I'm so sorry for not updating this blog as often right now. I've told you I'm looking for a new job and that whole circus is taking the best of me. I guess the good thing is there is a lot of opportunities and a lot of interest. The back side to that coin is that there are a lot of meetings and interviews and time spent writing resume's and updating portfolios. Hopefully that's over soon :-)

At least there has been little action on that front over the holidays, so I took the time to catch myself a little cold :-) So typical, isn't it? Anyway..I've been lying in front of the fireplace watching movies with the kids so no need to feel sorry for me really, it's quite alright. And when the kids choose a less interesting movie I can glide away in dreams which are usually guessed it! Houses! I have been coming up with this dream house that I want to build one day and in the kitchen I want to put in a big, rustic, crackling fireplace. Sort of something like this: 

Photos: Pinterest

Wouldn't it be incredible to have a beauty like that in your kitchen? Especially on a snowy christmas morning... Man..that house is going to be so great!