Dear Santa

Ho ho ho everyone. This little scandi santa is already feeling a bit tired! I can't blame it all on Christmas though, there's a lot of things going on. First off, work is definitely in full swing at the moment. Lot's of projects and presentations to nail before the end of the year. And like a cherry on top I am actually interviewing for a few other jobs as well. All fun stuff or at least you know, positive stuff but demanding and draining nonetheless. Sooo, as I finally got some time to think about what I want for this Christmas (my boys have already sent Santa MANY pages of wishlists..) I will admit that a quiet moment on the couch with a glass of wine and a movie was the first thing that crossed my mind. Of course, that would include a perfectly cleaned and decorated house as well, how else could I enjoy it?

But, thinking for a few more minutes about it resulted in this humble collection :-) 

This is called 'electrum' cylinder box and it's from Jonathan Adler. I have a love/hate relationship with that place I will admit. All the colors and bold shapes are fun to look at and super cool but when I think about bringing them home it's just...way to overbearing. But this is the perfect little thing that combines the fun and the glamorous with the sleek. Closed, the box is just a glammy gold and silver, but open one of the sections and there's a colorful little secret place for your favorite treasure!

I am such a sucker for everything Lexington, and especially I love their bedding. This classic plaid flannel duvet cover set just HAVE to be the most perfect thing to cozy up with in bed on a slow winter holiday morning. 

I really love both of these mirrors but I think I may have to settle on one. ONE! How could I pick one of these? The are both gorgeous and would be absolutely perfect in any room. The one on the left is Brera mirror from Skultuna, and the one on the right is Randaccio from Gubi. Which one would you go with? 

Another thing that I realized the other day is that we have never bought cutlery. Or I guess one of us must have gotten something at some point, probably when we moved out of our parents house, ages and ages ago. Cutlery feels like one of those things that you should have when you're an adult. And not just some random IKEA ones, but something you really like. (Unless you really like your IKEA ones...if you do that's totally fine too. I just don't care for mine much). 

It's hard to decide a style though... There's so many nice ones out there. I like a lot of the more modern ones but would love to have some classic french silver ones too. Silver requires some work to keep shiny but don't you think that tarnished silver is just as beautiful? I think so! The ones above are Amo by Paola Navone for GenseOld French by Gense and tarnished silver cutlery found on Pinterest.

Every year should have something Christmasy wrapped up under the tree in my opinion. I hope this year it will be this Tray & Star candle holder from House Doctor. 

Lastly...we still don't have a ceiling light above our dining table since I switched the living room and dining room. This super cool Multi-Lite from Gubi is my dream. The only thing better would be three of them like in that picture above! 

What's on your list this year? Glam or function? Whatever it is, I hope it finds it's way to you this year!