My 2016 ICFF Favorites

So the 29th annual ICFF is going on in New York right now. For 4 days, the Jacob K Javits Center is filled with an impressive showcase of the best and latest in global design. I am not in NY and don't make any money off of this blog so splurging on a trip there is sort of out of the question. Although as I was looking through some of the imagery from there this morning I caught myself daydreaming about getting a last minute ticket there to enjoy the last day of the exhibit, strolling around and experiencing all of these spectacular things for real as opposed to through my screen. But I guess we should be very grateful that technology allows us to stay up to date on it all from a distance, right? 

Anyway, IF you should find yourself in NY tomorrow (May 17th), the exhibit is open to the public on that day so anyone can buy a ticket and walk in. If you do...send me pictures!

For everyone else who can't make it there in person, enjoy this curated list of awesomeness!

My favorites from ICFF this year:  

Jewelry designer Jessica Kagan Cushman and Judy Dimon makes up JKC&D. This year they are introducing knobs as 'Jewelry for the home'. Some are pretty, some are whimsical but they all offer personality that's easily injected to your space.

Slik Outdoor Living’s flagship product—the NI PARASOL I think was introduced last year. It's been awarded with the Red Dot Award and I can see why. Where I grew up, evenings in the summer never got dark. Here in Colorado it's pitch black after 8. We've tried the light strings attached to the parasol, but it's a bit vulnerable when you fold it down or you want to move it around. This idea with integrated lighting is definitely interesting. 

This Bolt Sconce by Mischa Couvrette at Toronto based Hollis + Morris feels new and interesting while at the same time classic both in functionality and concept. This is probably my absolute favorite. 

These colored engineered wood floor tiles from Mirth Studio come in a variety of styles. I'm super curious to know how the surface keep up to wear and tear. Love the tile look with the warmth and comfort of wood!

The Norwegian company Northern Lighting are introducing the lights Buddy and Birdie. There's something very friendly and relatable in the shapes of both of them that appeal to me. 

Rosie Li Studio's series 'Bubbly' is not really my style at all..just a little bit much. But this series is so fun and cute I can't really resist them!

Not to make the list too long, those were my own personal favorites. Did you spot anything else that made your list?

All images with thanks from ICFF.