Historical school building turned to classy homes.

I came across an interesting project this morning. An old historical school building in the center of Stockholm is being turned into apartments by a collection of people who all have an impressive track record when it comes to architecture and design.

The Builders: Glommen & Lindberg 
Specialized at both high profile renovation and building from scratch in the Stockholm area.
The Designer: Mats Theselius.
He's behind so many great things..the Aluminium Chair on the side here for example.
The Architects: Jägnefält Milton Experienced in renovating while maintaining the old charm. 

Take a look below.

Bright white kitchen with light wood glass cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Very impactful!

We've seen the glass wall partitions before, but here's a new spin on it with light wood frames. 

Working with existing architecture to a large degree makes for unique spaces. This room at an angle probably would never have been drawn like this on paper, but the quirks and heritage from the buildings previous life brings something dynamic and exciting to the home it is today. The nordic/classic style suits this room well. 

I love how they transformed this historical building to a modern home. Definitely Scandinavian roots but there are some international influences as well. What do you think?