Happy Midsummer!

It strikes me every year how fast midsummer comes around. One second it's May, and the next it's Midsummer. Midsummer's Eve in Scandinavia is a holiday. Here in the US, not so much. So usually I don't have time for all the preparations I would need to do in order to celebrate it the way I want to.  With a real strawberry cake, lot's of good food and beautiful settings. But together with the other Scandinavians in the area we make the best of it. We usually bring strawberries, bread, cheese and some other simple goodies to a park where we let the kids run wild while we catch up on life. It's a great tradition. This year, I really want to make time for a real midsummer's wreath to put in my hair so I'm stealing some time this morning to get that going. 

Back home I would usually simply have tied flowerstems together to a girland and then connect it to the right size. Here in Colorado we don't exactly have the luxury of a lot of wildflowers so I need to take a less flower dependend approach.. First, I'm making the base of the wreath with cloth stem wire from the craft store. Two of them connected to make a circle. 

Then I use some floral tape to secure the overlapping areas so the size stays put. 

Then I wrap some silk ribbon around it. This makes the base look good in case I wouldn't fill the entire thing with flowers, and also I'm going to stick the flower stems inside the ribbon to help hold them. Because of that, I didn't want to wrap the ribbon too tightly, there needs to be a little bit of room for the flowers around the entire wreath. 

Now for the hard part..picking what flowers to use!