Home Sweet Home

Oooookaaaaaaay. It feels like forever since I wrote something on the blog. Oh. Right. It actually has been quite a while hasn't it? Well, that's what vacations are for, right? Not that writing here is hard work or anything but time seems to be a different beast when we remove ourselves from everyday life and routines. For the past few weeks while we were in Sweden days have just unfolded with events, adventures and peacefulness following on the heals of each other. 

I've really been wanting to share some pictures of our cabin over there with you, but there have been so many good friends to see and so much great food and desserts and cakes to eat and so many blueberries to pick and so many stores to visit and then once we got back we were starting school and kindergarten and then today my youngest boy was having surgery so ....yeah. I know, excuses, excuses, excuses. Anyway. Now that this surgery is squared away I'm in the couch with my recovering little sweetheart and I actually have had time to sort through the photos I have. 

Actually taking photos of your own home while you (and your kids, mind you!) live there is a very tricky thing by the way. There's always stuff there that you don't want in your picture. Like dishes. Or laundry. Or toys. An ugly towel that you don't even want to have but you don't have any others. Also, our house just got ready for us to move in last summer, so we've only lived there for a total of a few weeks. Needless to say, it's not complete yet. For instance, we're still missing one of the windows, and a proper entrance. And what feels like a million other things. But all that will get done in time. This cabin has been in the works for about 10 years and now we are just sooo excited to be able to live there when we go over. A few missing features is nothing when you've waited for that long! Did I set your expectations low enough now that I dare share some of those pictures? No? Oh, well then maybe I should tell you that I drew up the blueprints for the house myself and my husband's brother's built it from scratch. Nope. I'm not an architect and they've never built a house before. It's been a crazy, crazy project. But the house itself is simple in many ways and not very big. And like I said..it's taken us a lot of time since we all have day jobs as well. 

Ok. Here goes. Welcome to our cabin in the woods! 

From the entrance you can pretty much see the entire house. The house is only 1033 sqf, but the ceiling is 23 feet high so the impression is still pretty airy. And with the big south facing windows we get a lot of light despite being embedded in the forest. This side of the house actually sits on a hill overlooking the ocean, except the trees is hiding the view. The plan is to take at least some of the trees down, but I sort of like how we're surrounded by the green so I haven't been in a rush to make that happen. 

The main part of the house is the kitchen and dining area. We went with an IKEA kitchen in grey and silver. 

Because our cabin is located near a lot of our family and friends, we splurged on this amazing table from Skovby in Denmark. This table holds extensions under the table top which can make the table go from 6 seats all the way up to 18. You just slide the legs out to suit the size table you need. It's got a pretty big price tag on it but it's a masterpiece in both construction and wood craft, and convenience and flexibility are greatly appreciated in our house. We have limited storage space and are often getting surprise dinner guests. The chairs are a Swedish classic called Lilla Åland by Carl Malmsten for Stolab. 

We have a couple of the Lilla Åland armchairs too in front of the kitchen window but I'm going to replace those with something more lounge friendly. 

In the center of the house is the cast iron staircase that connects to the loft. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I was worried having a staircase right in the center of the house, that it was going to obscure the lines of sight and take up too much space. But the antique look balances well with the modern of the house and turns a functional piece into the jewel of the house. It's from Qvesarum.   From upstairs you can see the entire kitchen and the dining area. 

The loft is sort of a common area where we will have a couch and a tv and some extra beds for guests. Below it lies the two bedrooms and the bathroom. 

The elephants in our bedroom window used to be my grandmothers. They make me happy every time I walk in! The bedlights are called Cato from Belid. Sheets from Shyness.

The boys share a room with a bunkbed, so to give them a space where they could be 'alone' I made some draperies that they can close to turn their beds into a cozy fort. They absolutely loved it so I think I'm going to try to do it to their beds at home too.  

And then we're back at the entrance again. Hooks from Anthropologie

So that's most of the house. As you can see, both materials and colors are close to nature. It felt right for the location to keep the interior very natural, but also I think it will end up being choices we can live with for a long time. And since this is not our permanent home I don't think we will want to invest time or money anytime soon to make updates to it. 

I don't have any pictures worth showing from the loft because that's not furnished yet. I spent so many hours this summer trying to find the perfect couch to put there and I finally gave up since I knew I wasn't going to be able to get it before we left anyway. That was disappointing but on the other hand, now I have an entire year to find the perfect one! I'll show you where we end up with that little project next year, I promise!

I hope you liked the tour, I get a pretty bad case of cabin fever looking at these pictures. I just can't stop thinking of all the wild blueberries, raspberries and chanterelles that are at their peak right outside that door..yum!