Back at it

Most years I drag my feet a little in getting rid of Christmas in my home. I love Christmas and I think my home looks it's best at that time of year. There's more decor and much more details to make our home warm and inviting. For some reason I can't quite fill my home the same way in other seasons. This year was different. I never quite got the holiday spirit to begin with and I was ready for spring to enter our home as soon as the gifts had been unwrapped. 

On the good end of this is the fact that I also didn't feel like buying any Christmas decor on sale this year so that should have saved me a bit of money :-) The only thing I got was these silver pinecone salt and pepper shakers that I found on sale at West Elm the other day. They will be pretty all year round in the kitchen and on the table so I don't think that counts as Christmas stuff. No guilt here! 

Also I got some white and blue Asters at Whole Foods. I got them to put little bouquets on our bedside tables for an updated pre-spring look there but I had enough to get a big bunch for my Klong vase in the kitchen too. I know it's a while until we can call it spring yet so let's call this winter survival!

Silver pinecone salt and pepper shakers from West Elm.